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Earn a strong body
through elegant postures


What you wear is of course important for looking cool, but how about changing what’s inside? In our program, you don’t only lose body fat, but will also get a better elegance posture. At the same time you will get a stronger body to survive in such a hectic modern life.

Program can be adjusted
to suit seniors


To prevent fall, which sometimes make seniors bedridden.
To get enough strength to keep on the physical activities, like dancing and trekking, that you like.
As a part of rehabilitation after injuries and paralysis.
Being too old is never an excuse for giving up exercising. No matter how old you are, your muscles grow when given proper exercise. The older you are, the wiser exercise program you should be on. We provide efficient and safe exercise programs.

Get rid of your unpleasant pain
in your lower back, knees,
and shoulders


That pain you have now may be caused by bad posture or muscle atrophy from lack of exercising. Exercising the muscles around shoulder blades improves shoulder function, and strengthening core muscles will support you posture and the lower back. To reduce pain. massage is still effective, but it approaches only to the surface and limited part. To increase range of motion and improve functions, stretching may be better. Our trainer will give you one on one stretch at the end of the session.

BFR Training
for anti-aging


As you get older, your metabolism slows down and muscles will decrease. Hormones will be less, and it may impact your health, metabolism and skin condition. In our program we introduce very special BFR Training to you. BFR stands for Blood Flow Restriction. With regular exercise, you may increase the hormone, but BFR Training is specializing in increasing growth hormone up to 290 times more amount than non exercising person.

Our Concept

Exercise is good for health,everyone knows it.
But not everyone can do it consistently.

People who could motivate themselves to exercise every day is truly rare.

People who like exercising itself is very rare.

Exercising will give you changes in appearances, which will gain you confident and also respect from other people. All of which, will change your mentality towards excercising and you may come to like it.

However, it takes a lot of time to see the result, and many people give up before that happens.

To tell you the truth, even a professional trainer and athlete like myself, don’t like exercising too much. However, I like to result from exercising, therefore to exercise is “worth-it” for me.

Your result will be as successful as how much of effort you have put in it.

In our program, you need to divide your efforts in many areas. Not only the exercising part, but also, diet, supplements and to rest properly.

In our program, you need to divide your efforts in many areas. Not only the exercising part, but also, diet, supplements and to rest properly.

In our program, we do not just tell you how to do it, we will show you how to do it.

Furthermore, we will never force you to do it, instead we will teach you the reasons behind it, and how to make it works. These knowledges will last forever even after you finish our program.

We will never let you struggle alone. Let’s work as a team.

Our program is not fancy, instead it is easy to understand and to implement, which you can keep on for the rest of your life.

In our program, you will be assisted not only by a trainer, but also nurses and doctors. They will do their bests for you to have a better life. You will be able to diet well without worries and stress.

It is not only to lose weight or to gain muscles, but also you to change your life into healthier and happier direction.

Please let us help you.


Asia Herb Clinic
Master Trainer
Masatsugu Nakazawa

The flow chart of the program, Life transformation in 60days
The flow chart of the program, Life transformation in 60days

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Free Consolation
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I do not think I can perform well in the program. Because I am not strong enough.

Do not worry. We will customize the program to fit your health status and your physical condition. This program suits even for the most beginners and people who do not exercise regularly. You will see changes in your body-weight, appearances and most importantly your mind and body will be more functional. You will definitely enjoy these changes. We have trained variety of people, from professional athletes to a 79 years old woman and even a person on a wheelchair.

My job requires me to stay late, and sometimes to party. Will it ruin my program?

You don’t have to be perfect. We will try to improve your diet. If your diet score is 20/100 points, our first goal is to get it up to 30. For example, switching your drink from beer to whisky and soda, or to switch from pizza to steak/ or sashimi, you could already see change in your body.

What makes your gym special?

In Bangkok, we are the only one personal training gym who works with doctors and nurses. While on diet, some people may feel under the weather, but we support you even for such condition. We monitor not only your body weight and fat, but also your health with blood check and urine test. Our trainer is also special. He has 15 years of experience and Masters degree in Sport Science.

I have many business trips. I think I can’t finish the program in 60 days.

Coming to the gym twice a week is just our recomendation. Just try to come as often as you can. The program name says 60 days, but the program lasts until you finish 16 sessions. Meanwhile we keep giving you daily nutrition advice. If you want to be optimal, we can give you some homework for you to exercise on your own too.

What do I need to bring to the class?

You don’t have to bring anything. We provide towels and water, and rental shirt and pants, and even post workout protein shake. If you have your favorite shoes and wear, you can of course bring them. In addition to them, we have a shower room, so you can take it after exercising.

How do I apply?

Our schedule is based upon your request. Please fill the request form on our website to let us know your availability. Our staffs will respond to you as soon as possible. If we have empty slots, making an appointment on the same day of the request is doable.
If you would like to get responded urgently, please call us.





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