High Dose Pure Vitamin C Drip

Pure Vitamin C Drip
10,000mg (about 1hour)
20,000mg (about 1hour 30min)

G6PD screening blood test
6PD screening blood test will be done if requested or if consulted by doctor.
・ The price will be 2,200THB


If you are a male, or have been diagnosed for Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase defiviency(G6PD) you will need to inform the doctor. G6PD is an inherited condition of the blood (which rarely occurs to males) which has no symptoms until they are exposed to certain medicine, food, or infections.
If you have a chance of being pregnant or breast feeding, please inform the doctor. You may not be able to take this treatment.

This high dose pure vitamin C drip was announced in 1970 to be useful for cancer treatments, anti-oxidant effect for the cells, whitening and brightening of the skin, anti-aging and maintaining healthy and young. Since vitamin C is water soluble, it is difficult to raise the density of the vitamin C in your blood even you take it orally by food or supplements. Although if you take the high dosage of vitamin C by intravenous injection, a large quantity will spread through your veins faster than taking it orally, and stay in your blood system. It will work directly to oxidize your body and flow to every organ of your body that requires it. If you are smoking, stressed, or eating unhealthy, it is easier to lose vitamin C than normal. We recommend you to take this treatment regularly to maintain the level of vitamin C in your body. It is also effective when you feel like you might have caught a cold, or you want to prevent cancer. In this clinic, we take special care on preserving the vitamin C in the accurate temperature to maintain the quality to its highest level.


Dissolves the oxidative stress in body


whitening and brightening of skin

recovering tiredness

strengthening the immune system

may prevent cancer

preventing infection

recovery from a cold

Procedure of the treatment

The high dosage of pure vitamin C will be directly injected into your body intravenously. We have two types in this clinic: 10g or 20g. If it the first time to take this treatment, we recommend 10g since you might experience a slight pain in the vain which you will get used to. The nurse will therefore adjust the speed of the drips. We recommend you take this treatment once a week, or once in two weeks to maintain the result.

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