Vitamin Drip

Vitamin Drip

“I cannot recover from fatigue” “I have sleeping problems” “I am not sick but I do not feel well”. These are common symptoms experienced by many people nowadays, as we are stressed out coping with day-to-day problems. Designed to match with your physical condition at that time, the vitamin drip contains ingredients such as various vitamins, minerals and placenta, blended with high concentration of active ingredients, which give immediate effects. By incorporating health and beauty drip bar to regular life, your body will become healthier. From the 10 selections of drip cocktail menu made from top quality ingredients, we provide consultation to help you select the recipe that most matches your body’s health condition or your concerns.


Repelling stress, inducing good sleep

Vitamin B1, which helps normalize nervous and muscular functions, is mixed with Vitamin B12, which promotes the recovery of nervous cells. On top of that, Vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 are added to create a well-balanced vitamin recipe. This recipe is effective for establishing autonomic nervous system and increasing the quality of your sleep.


Skin whitening and firming beauty cocktail

With generous amount of skin-whitening Vitamin C as base vitamin, Vitamin B6 is added to prevent uneven skin. This menu is recommended for those with problems of skin allergy or pimples or atopic dermatitis, as it boosts your skin from inside the body and noticeably the quality of your skin.


Beating fatigue, stiff shoulder and back pain with Energize

In Japan, this vitamin therapy is called garlic injection. This prescription combines Alinamin, the source of strength and energy, with other ingredients that normalizes liver’s functioning and various vitamins. This vitamin recipe will remove lactic acid, which is the cause of fatigue, promote blood circulation, while relieving stiff shoulder, lower back pain and eye strain.


Body and mind balancer

With the “universal vitamin” Vitamin C as the main ingredient, plus various kinds of Vitamin B, this prescription will ease physical discomfort such as “fatigue despite adequate sleep” “chronic languor” or “reflux” and recover the balance of your body and mind.


Anti-aging cocktail

Vitamin B2, B6, and Vitamin C are mixed with high concentration multivitamin to create this recipe. Vitamin B2 boosts up energy, and Vitamin B6 is said to be essential for active metabolism process. Also, Vitamin C helps prevent oxidation inside the body. This is a luxury prescription for maintaining youthful body as it prevents aging from the cellular level.


Dark spot finder

To prevent dark spots from within, this recipe contains melanin generation suppressor, melanin function controller “Vitamin C” and skin moisturizing “Chondroitin sulfate sodium”. This menu is a must for a life in Thailand, where you cannot avoid damages from strong sunlight.


Liver detoxifying infusion

Ingredients used help detoxify the body, and promote excretion and liver recovery. As this therapy will help stimulate the functioning of liver, you will feel more active while your concentration ability will increase.


Fat-burner cocktail

The decrease in the synthetization inside liver due to aging is the main cause of obesity which is said to be peak at 20 years old. By receiving infusion, the body fat-burning force will remarkably increase. This recipe will help anyone who has difficulties losing weight.


Health Quick-fix cocktail (Vitamin and Mineral infusion)

Failure to maintain enough level of vitamins and minerals will cause a variety of diseases and related symptoms. This cocktail is effective for relieving bronchial asthma, migraine attacks, and chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition, this menu contains antioxidants that balance the body from within, yielding anti-aging results and beautiful skin.


Nourishing stamina cocktail

This highly concentrated cocktail of ingredient which recalls energy from inside the body, and which has highly detoxifying effect, and various vitamin supplements. If continued regularly, this menu will help relieve fatigue, a sense of weakness, and depression.


If you are breast feeding, have a chance of being pregnant, have a heart disease or pacemaker please inform the doctor. You may not be able to take this treatment.

Enjoy with Vitamin Drip

Head&Shoulder Massage, Foot Massage

We are originally a Thai traditional massage shop. So you can enjoy a genuine massage during the beauty drips. It will promote your blood circulation and enhance the effects of the injections more!


Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis is a screening test of the red blood cell. The main function of red blood cell is to carry oxygen to other organs. If the red blood cell morphology changes, it might cause the sickness or chronic fatigue. Procedure of Live Blood Analysis is only taking a small amount of blood from your finger’s tips and then examined under the microscope. The shape, size, and distribution of red blood cells will be shown on the monitor screen. Some abnormal components, bacteria, plague, or thrombus may be seen as well.
Furthermore the doctor can provide you with suitable advice on beauty and health. After the analysis, the doctor will suggest individual customer for the most suitable drip bar, for instance, anti-aging or anti-oxidant formula.

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