PELLEVE RF Treatment

High frequency Face Lift
Pelleve RF治療
Face+Neck+Above the collar line 100min
Face+Neck 80min
Face 60min
Around the face line (chin)   30min

※ The doctor will be doing the whole treatment.
※ Price are per time.
※ The time above will not be including the time for consulting and preparation.


If you are breast feeding, have a chance of being pregnant, have a heart disease or pacemaker please inform the doctor. You may not be able to take this treatment.

This machine is made by an American company named “Ellman” especially for the lift up for the face, neck, and neckline. This machine precisely heats the deep layers of your skin using advanced radiofrequency energy without damaging the top layer of your skin. The heat causes the existing collagen in your skin to contract and tighten. Also after the treatment, your skin will start to produce new collagen. The result is an improvement in skin tightness and wrinkles which you can see and feel.


Lift up of the face and neck

wrinkles around the eyes

reducing the double chin

increasing the elasticity and collagen of the skin

Procedure of the treatment

The treatment is possible for the face and neck. We will massage you using the PELLEVE softly. The temperature will be calculated and adjusted depending on the depth of the radio frequency. It will not be painful and there will not be a possibility of your skin to be burnt since we will be cooling your skin at the same time. You will see a better result if you continue the treatment once in 1 to 2 months, and 5 times in total, depending on your skin condition and age. You will be able to wash your face and put make up on normally after the treatment.

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