Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Juvederm 10min〜20min


※ The time for the treatment will vary depending on the area and amount of shots you would like to inject.
※ The time for the treatment does not include the time for consulting the doctor and changing.


If you have a chance of being pregnant or breast feeding, please inform the doctor. You may not be able to take this treatment.

In this clinic we are using the hyaluronic acid which is approved by the FDA of the United States of America, called “Juvederm”. Hyaluronic acid is originally contained in the human body, which helps for the skin to be soft, hydrated and lubricated. The more you age, it is harder to be produced. By injecting the high concentration of hyaluronic acid on your wrinkles, your skin will become smooth. The hyaluronic acid we use will be naturally absorbed in your body and will last for 6 months to 12months. The look will be very natural.


Reduction of wrinkles around eyes

Improving the hollow under the eyes

Improving the wrinkles around the mouth

Forming the shape of the jaw

Lifting the mouth line

Procedure of the treatment

It is important to consult with the doctor about the area and amount of hyaluronic acid you want to inject. We will be deciding together depending on how you want to look. In the hyaluronic acid we use, there will be a safe anesthetic included. So there will be not much pain and allergy side effects. If you are worried about pain, please consult the doctor. There is an anesthetic which can be used to reduce the pain. The treatment will be done in a short time, and gradually it will be absorbed in your body. The result will be visible for 6months to 12months. After the treatment, you will soon be able to put make up on, and go home.

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