Dr.Haute Couture Facial

Dr.Haute Couture Facial
Magical Peeling and
Golden Spoon Treatment 80min

※ To see a change in your skin condition, we recommend to take the treatment once a week for the first two months.
※ The time above will not be including the time for consulting and preparation.


If you are breast feeding, have a chance of being pregnant, have a heart disease or pacemaker please inform the doctor. You may not be able to take this treatment.

The doctor will analyze your skin precisely and make an original treatment menu just for you. In this clinic, we will be using the world famous cosmetic products from “Cosmoprof Asia”. We will prevent your skin from anti-aging, reducing acne and make the skin glow from the inside.


Deep cleansing of pores

reducing acne

smoothing and brightening of skin tone

improving skin to be firmer and stronger

Procedure of the treatment

After cleansing your skin, a high pressuring enzyme called “Jet Peeling” is used to spray a high quality essence on your skin, while gently peeling the unnecessary old layers of your skin and adding the beauty cosmetics deep inside. The product is chosen by the therapist so that it will suit your skin type. It is then followed by a rich mask, cream, and serum to complete the treatment, making your skin radiant. There will be a short massage session after the treatment.

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