Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy 1hour

※ The treatment is usually an hour, but it might take one hour and a half depending on your condition.


You will not be able to do the treatment if you are pregnant, breast feeding, have high blood pressure, have colon cancer, had an abdominal surgery in the past 3 months, had a colonial surgery in the past 6 months, have severe diarrhea, have anemia, have hemorrhoids, so please inform the doctor.

Colon hydrotherapy is a way to cleanse your intestinal wall without using any laxatives or chemicals. The clean purified warm water will detox your wastes and left over bowels. By clearing your colon and balancing the bacteria, it will prevent hazardous substances production, and improve of your constipation and diarrhea problems, help you lose weight, and cure the skin trouble you couldn’t help by changing cosmetics. More than several million people in the United States of America have taken this therapy, since there was an international colon therapy union established in 1989. In this clinic, we will have you relaxed on a bed that is specially made for colon therapy. The doctor and nurse will take care of you so there is nothing to be worried about.


Improvement of your constipation and diarrhea problems

help you to lose weight

curing the skin trouble you couldn’t help by changing cosmetics

recovery from tiredness

increasing the absorbing level of your digesting system

balancing the bacteria in your colon

Procedure of the treatment

1. Before the treatment

If you eat before the treatment, your stomach might feel pressurized when the water enters through your colon. So to prevent you from feeling sick, you should have an empty stomach for about 2 to 4 hours before the treatment. Please feel free to drink water.

2. Counselling

Before the treatment, the doctor will check about your health and previous diseases.

3. Preparation

After a shower below the waist, you will change into a gown and lie on the bed. The nurse will insert a disposable tube about 3cm(1.2 inches), which will not be painful. There will be a towel over you to keep privacy.

4. Starting the therapy

A warm purified water about 38-39℃ (100-102℉) will slowly flow into the tube to your colon. The speed and pressure is calculated accurately and is a safe procedure. Please feel free to release your bowel while the tube is in your body, since the bowel will come down along the side of the tube. The bowel will not go back into your body since it is a special tube that prevents it from going back.

5. After the therapy

On the day of your treatment, your colon is very pure and sensitive. Please avoid oily and spicy food. Your colon will easily absorb alcohol and you may feel drunk more easily than usual, so please be careful of drinking too much. You may go home or go to work, and spend time normally after the treatment. On the day of your treatment, you may feel like you want to go to the restroom more often, feel gassy, or may have a watery bowel about 2 to 3 times. But you will recover and feel better soon after that and return to a normal cycle.


The aim of this colon hydrotherapy is to remove the toxin and bowels that are left in your body for a long time. We recommend the cycle of 2weeks or 1month 1time to cleanse your colon completely. Your colon is intoxicated by the food you eat every day. By having toxins staying in your blood system, your immune system becomes low. To prevent this, we recommend you repeat this therapy regularly.

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