Chelation Therapy

Anti-aging and detoxing of the blood vessel.
Chelation Therapy
Trial Half course 5times
One course 10times

※ It is 3,000B to do the blood and urine test to check if you can start the program.
※ The amount above includes the blood and urine test after starting the treatment.


If you have a chance of being pregnant or breast feeding, please inform the doctor. You will not be able to take this treatment. If you have any kind of kidney diseases, please inform the doctor. Depending on your blood test result, the doctor may choose to stop the treatment.

Chelation therapy has the purpose of removing “heavy metals” such as mercury, arsenic, and lead and other toxins from the body to become healthier and young. These metals could be stored up in your body by having mercury fillings in your teeth, eating contaminated fish regularly, consuming foods that are not organic.


Improves blood circulation movement

preventing “arteriosclerosis= hardening of the artery” which causes heart diseases and strokes

prevention of heart attacks especially of patient with diabetes

Procedure of the treatment

First a blood and urine test will be done to measure the “heavy metals”. Then the doctor will advise you how often you will need to take the treatment. If you want to recover from “arteriosclerosis”, we recommend once a week, ten times in total to be one course. And then to take this course 3 to 4 times. A blood and urine test will be done again after the whole course to check if there is a change in the heavy metal. We will be following your results to give you best and accurate treatment.

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